Including head gaskets, clutches & MOT repairs

To keep your vehicle in good working order and running at its best, regular servicing is absolutely essential. So we’re proud and pleased to offer our customers a comprehensive range of servicing and repair facilities, designed to be effective for any make of vehicle and to address every maintenance requirement. We also service Vans and other commercial vehicles. You can access this service independently or as part of your MOT – whichever suits you best. Our service people are always happy to help you organise the service that meets your needs, from a mini service to a full overhaul. Oil and filter changes start at just £35.


Full service report

At Stathern Garage, every service is accompanied by a full report of the work we have carried out, so you’ll know what we’ve done, and we will always advise you of any extra requirements your vehicle may have or is likely to need in the future.


Latest equipment

As our workshop staff use the most sophisticated and modern equipment, you can be sure all services are carried out to the manufacturers’ specifications, giving your vehicle the highest level of maintenance and care without costing you a fortune.


Computerised diagnostic systems

Whatever its make, your vehicle probably has a computer which controls the performance of its engine and every aspect of its performance. Thanks to the latest computerised diagnostic systems in our workshop, compatible with your vehicle’s on-board computer, we can accurately identify any errors or faults which may exist or be developing. This allows us to take the appropriate action and carry out the right procedures to restore your vehicle’s potential.

Of course, your complete service will be reported and added to your handbook, which is a vital factor in determining the resale value of your vehicle, giving the purchaser the confidence the vehicle has been looked after.