It is a legal requirement that your vehicle has an MOT test, once it is over three years old. This is to ensure your car meets the minimum safety requirements laid down by the Government. Without a valid MOT, your car insurance and road tax aren’t valid and there’s a chance your vehicle may no longer be roadworthy. So it is very important your MOT certificate is always in date and you book your next MOT test before your current certificate expires. 


Certified MOT testing centre


We are a fully qualified and certified MOT testing centre and our workshop is completely equipped with all the facilities needed to give your vehicle a comprehensive test before we issue your certificate.

When we undertake an MOT test on your vehicle, there are three possible outcomes:




If your vehicle passes the MOT test, we will issue you with a VT20 pass certificate. It is very important you keep this in a safe place as you will need the certificate to renew your road tax. Should you misplace or damage your VT20 we are able to provide a replacement copy for a small fee.




If your vehicle passes but there are maintenance issues of which you should be aware, we will be pleased to book an appointment for you at a convenient time and arrange for these items to be repaired.




Should your vehicle fail its MOT test, we are required to issue a VT30 failure certificate which states your vehicle is not currently roadworthy. In this instance, all outstanding faults must be immediately rectified and repaired before your vehicle is road legal and can be driven.