FREE Visual Brake Inspection


Our complimentary Primary Front Brake Inspection includes a visual inspection of your brake pads, brake discs, calipers and visible brake pipes. Our experts will examine the condition of your brakes and will advise you if any parts may be unsafe or worn. To ensure your road safety we may recommend a Full Brake Inspection is carried out to further determine the condition of your braking system if we have concerns from our FREE visual inspection report. 

Full Brake Inspection


Our Full Brake Inspection examines the condition of all of your brake components to keep you safe – our first priority – and to help prevent more costly repair bills in the future. This inspection takes approximately one hour to complete and covers a full braking system check, including:


  • Inspecting the condition and digitally measuring wear on brake pads, discs, shoes and drums.


  • Checking the condition and operation of callipers & wheel cylinders.


  • Inspecting the condition of brake hoses and brake pipes (checking for leaks or corrosion)

  • .

  • Testing handbrake performance and assessing cable and linkage condition.


  • Measuring brake fluid level, condition and boiling point.


  • Checking master cylinder and servo operation.


  • Inspecting brake light condition and operation.


We’ll always offer you a copy of our brake report showing the current condition of your braking system together with a free, no obligations quote should any work be required. If we find your brake system is in need of work, the great news is that the initial charge for the Full brake inspection will be deducted from any brake related invoice subsequently produced by Stathern Garage provided the work is carried out within seven days of inspection.

If we find your brake system is in good condition, we will give your system a quick clean and adjustment before reassembling your brake components to ensure optimum performance.